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Social Emergency Room

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this event a concert ?  This event is arranged as a party. At the historic Lord Baltimore hotel, there are 3 rooms of entertainment & refreshments on 3 levels. Doors open at 4PM on Saturday. Live music begins at 4:45PM in the Calvert Ballroom, the Versailles Ballroom & the Maryland Room. Saturday's event will also feature memorabilia vendors. Friday evening's kick off party takes place in Johnny P's Hideaway located in the Maryland Room, beginning at 7PM. All ticket holders have access to all 3 rooms on Saturday, as well as Friday's kick off party..
  2. Is there room for dancing ?  Yes !.
  3. Parking ? At the Lord Baltimore & its immediate surrounds, there is VERY little on-the-street parking available. Valet parking at the Lord Baltimore Hotel is at a rate of $36 + tax & $15 for nearby self parking. One need not be a guest at the hotel to use the parking lot. There are additional metered lots close to the hotel. Detailed info on parking options will be found HERE.
  4. Does this location offer handicapped access ?  The Lord Baltimore Hotel is a modern facility. There are several fast moving elevators. Saturday's Viva Las Vegas Lounge & Friday's Johnny P's Hideaway are located in the Maryland Room on the lower level, off of the lobby. The Calvert Ballroom is on the 3rd floor above the lobby. The Jungle Room is in the Versailles Room, off of the lobby.. All areas are accessible by elevator.
  5. What type of reserved seating is available ? In the Calvert Ballroom at the Lord Baltimore there are reserved tables seating 10 merrymakers. Most of this Ballroom is open space - for dancing, roaming about & approaching the stage. In addition, there are reserved tables seating 4 merrymakers on the Calvert Ballroom's balcony. There is no unreserved seating in the Ballroom. All seating in the Viva Las Lounge & the Jungle Room is unreserved. On Friday, at Johnny P's Hideaway all seating is unreserved. Sunday's Brunch with Elvis includes table seating & will take place in the hotel lobby adjacent to the LB Tavern.. Seating for the brunch is on a first come - first seated basis. There are no reserved, specific-location chairs for the brunch.

    Reserved Table Seating for 10 -- More Info ?  In the Calvert Ballroom, a limited number of reserved tables are available on the floor of the Ballroom, each seating 10 persons. If your party is smaller than 10 merrymakers, and you desire seating on the Ballroom floor - rather than on the Ballroom balcony - please contact us & we will try our best to accommodate you. A reserved table ticket guarantees a seat, but not necessarily an all-evening unobstructed view of the stage. The tables are clearly numbered. Reserved table tickets have the table number on the reverse side of the ticket. Any items on the table, such as the centerpiece, are yours to keep if you wish.
  6. Are tickets refundable ?  The event does not offer refunds, except for special hardship cases. If you believe that your situation is such, please contact us.
  7. How will I identify the event staff ?  Event staff persons wear pink carnations.
  8. Is there a coat check room ?  Yes !
  9. Is this an all-ages show?  Are children permitted to attend? The event is an adult party - 21+ Only. 
  10. What to wear?  Most people tend towards dressy/casual style. However, there is no dress code & you will be among others if you decide on black tie, retro or anything you might choose for a special event party during the holiday season.
  11. Are cameras allowed?  Flash cameras & still cameras are allowed; video cameras are not allowed.
  12. Is smoking permitted?   The Lord Baltimore Hotel is smoke-free. There are smoking areas just outside.
  13. Has the event ever been cancelled or postponed due to weather ?  Not once.
  14. Is the cost of tickets tax-deductible ?  Not to our knowledge. The best source of information is your tax professional or accountant.
  15. Does the event have Corporate Sponsors ?  No, the event does not have corporate sponsors. Any deficits are paid by event volunteers.
  16. Who benefits from the Night of 100 ELVISes ?  The event donates tickets to several Baltimore area non-profits including; the Believe in Tomorrow Children’s Foundation, the Kamryn Lambert Foundation - as well as any charitable or fundraising group requesting a donation. These donated tickets made be sold by the receiving group - retaining all profits to assist in their good works.  The event's aim is to donate $18,000 in tickets each year. If your non-profit is interested in a ticket donation - please contact us – ticketdonation@nightof100elvises.com
    The Lord Baltimore hotel donates 10% of the event’s food & beverage sales to the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. 
    All revenue from media and raffle sales go directly to Hungry For Music. The Hungry for Music table is run & stocked by their own volunteers.
    The Night of 100 ELVISes is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization. If you, your group or club would like to volunteer, please email volunteer@nightof100elvises.com

  17. What is Hungry for Music ?  Hungry for Music, located in Washington D.C. is a grassroots volunteer-driven 501 (c) (3) charity organization with a nationwide and international outreach. Hungry for Music’s mission is to inspire underprivileged children (and others) by bringing positive musical and creative experiences into their lives. Since becoming a non-profit in 1994, Hungry for Music has brought the healing quality of music to thousands of people through its musical instrument donations, concerts, and workshops. We support our programs through memberships, benefit concerts and events, raffles, and the sale of Hungry for Music produced compact discs.
  18. What is the Night of 100 ELVISes' motto ?  "Don't Be Cruel".

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Social Emergency Room at: socialer@msn.com

For more information, tickets or to reserve a table, call: 410-494-9558  24 Hours.

Night of 100 ELVISes, P.O. Box 231, Glyndon, Maryland 21071-0231




Photos by Christopher Bruns

Photos by Christopher Bruns