the 7th Night of 100 ELVISes


Saturday, December 2nd, 2000


All entertainers generously donated their time to this event.

Alphabetical Order:

The Barn Burners

The Beltways

The Blue Flames

The Boom Boom Cats

Tony Dee, Baltimore's Black Elvis

Frank El & The Heartbreakers

Norm El

The Fabulettes

'52 Pickup

The Glenmont Popes

The Graceliners - A Female Tribute to Elvis

Honky Tonk Confidential

Jumpin' Hailstones

Gary "The King" Kuykendall

Little Sonny & The Bluesmatics

Monsters From The Surf

Ray Morgan & The Divine Ju Ju Band

The Pourbillies

the put-outs

Frank "E." Raines

Mark Reno - A Tribute to Elvis

Sterling Riggs

The Bob E. Rock Quartet

Rockin' Bones

Eric El Rose

The Santa Claus

Jeff Sarli

Schmelvis & The Jungle Katz

Steven St. James

The Tail Draggers

Those Who Dare

Treasured Memories of Elvis

T.T. Tucker & The Bum Rush Band

Lionel Ward & The New World Band

Janine Wilson

Jay Zanier of Ontario, Canada