the 8th Night of 100 ELVISes


Saturday, December 1st, 2001

All entertainers generously donated their time to this event.

Alphabetical Order

American Song

The Billroys

The Blue Flames

The Boom Boom Cats

Tony Dee, Baltimore's Black Elvis

Frank El & The Heartbreakers

Big El - A Tribute to Elvis

Norm El

The Fabulettes

'52 Pickup

John W. Fix - A Tribute to Elvis

Flea Bops

Garage Sale

The Graceliners - A Female Tribute to Elvis

Honky Tonk Confidential

The Jardinieres

David Lee - Birmingham's Favorite Elvis

Little Pink

The Lonely Hog Callers

J.P. McDermott & Western Bop

Monsters From The Surf

The Peashooters

Chris Presley & All The King's Men

the put-outs

Frank "E." Raines

Mark Reno - A Tribute to Elvis

Rhythm Handlers

Sterling Riggs

Charlie Rogers & Company

Eric El Rose

The Santa Claus

Jeff Sarli

Schmelvis & The Jungle Katz

The Sookey Jump Blues Band

The Sour

Stoning Jacob with The Rosso Horns

Swope & Henry


The Tail Draggers

Treasured Memories of Elvis

T T. Tucker & The Bum Rush Band

Lionel Ward & The New World Band

Janine Wilson


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"Elvis is everywhere." Mojo Nixon
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