the 9th Night of 100 ELVISes


Friday, December 6th & Saturday, December 7th, 2002

All entertainers generously donated their time to this event.

Alphabetical Order

A Month of Sundays

All The King's Men

Altered Boy

Tony Anthony

Atomic Mosquitos

The Barn Burners

Danny Beissel

The Beltways

The Billroys

The Blue Flames

Circle 9

Dagmar & The Seductones

Carmaig de Forest

Frank El & Starz Entertainment

Norm El

Tommy El

Extreme Kicks

The Fabulettes

The Fabulous Jimmy E.

'52 Pickup

Jerry G

Gale Force V

Garage Sale

The Graceliners - A Female Tribute to Elvis

Honky Tonk Confidential

The Lonely Hog Callers

Maynard of 102.7 WQSR's Rouse & Company

J.P. McDermott & Western Bop

Melvis & The Jungle Katz

Monsters From The Surf

Rodney Payne

Chris Presley & All The King's Men

Mark Reno - A Tribute to Elvis

Sterling Riggs

Wayne Rippy - Memories of The King

Rockin' Bones

Eric El Rose

The Santa Claus

Jeff Sarli

The Sookey Jump Blues Band

The Sour

The Steubenville Knights !



The Tail Draggers

Treasured Memories of Elvis

T. T. Tucker & The Bum Rush Band

Vestal Vernon

Mark Waddel

Lionel Ward & The New World Band

Janine Wilson


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"Elvis is everywhere." Mojo Nixon
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